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Electric Brush Cleaning Dryer Set - Makeup Brush Cleaner Includes Collar Stand Kit

Electric Brush Cleaning Dryer Set - Makeup Brush Cleaner Includes Collar Stand Kit

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Do you want to clean your makeup brush in no time?

Are you tired of the hassle of the traditional way of cleaning makeup brushes?

Do you know that makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause breakouts?

Soaking and drying brushes to remove makeup takes ages, but with the help of our Electric Brush Cleaning Dryer Set, you can keep your makeup brushes clean and hygienic in no time! It is designed to remove bacteria, oil, and old makeup, allowing you to achieve a flawless look! The set is perfect for washing your brushes quickly and efficiently.

How Does it Work:

The Electric Brush Cleaning Dryer Set works on all types of makeup brushes, from full-size to small travel brushes. The kit comes with a collar stand for storage, allowing you to keep the cleaner organised and easy to access when you need it most. Simply add 2 tbsp of liquid soap to ⅓ portion of the water inside the cleaning tank, soak and spin the brush to the solution for 10 seconds, then hang it and spin to dry.
Key Benefits: 

✔️ Removes Leftover Makeup Safely & Effectively

✔️ Keeps your Makeup Brushes Clean

✔️ Ensures a Flawless Makeup Application

✔️ Cleans & Dry the Brushes Within Seconds of Use

✔️ Saves you Time & Effort from Cleaning

✔️ Dries the Makeup Brushes Quickly & Easily

✔️ Reduces the Risks of Infections

✔️ Perfect & Compatible with Different Brushes


The Electric Cleaning Dryer Set is made from premium quality materials. The set includes 8 brush collars: 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, 24 mm, and 30 mm, perfect for most makeup brushes. It has a cordless design and is battery-operated (2 AAA batteries not included).

Colour: Clear, Black
Package List:

1 x Brush Spinner

1 x Brush Spinner Bowl

8 x Brush Collars

1 x Collar Strand

1 x User Manual

30-Days Money Back Guarantee:

We proudly offer a 30-day money-back assurance to all of our customers. If you come across any quality concerns within this 30-day period, we promise to address them with utmost sincerity. You can rely on our commitment to provide a full 100% refund when eligible as per the terms and conditions.

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