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Electric Calming Untangling Comb

Electric Calming Untangling Comb

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Do you want an effortless detangling experience?

Do you want to minimise split ends and hair breakage?

Do tangles cause you such stress that you considered cutting your hair?

Minimise hair breakage with our Electric Calming Untangling Comb! Our comb blends and flexes to meet the contours of the scalps while massaging the head without causing any discomfort. It also promotes hair growth and removes dirt and grease, which results in shiny, silky, and smoother hair.

How Does it Work:

Your hair will look shiny and healthy with our Electric Calming Untangling Comb! It uses ceramic and ionic technology, which emits negative ions to help decrease static and frizz. It works through knots instead of pulling and ripping your hair. It allows your hair's strands to find natural flow while making them smoother and more manageable.
Key Benefits: 

✔️ No More Tangled & Frizzy Hair

✔️ Provides Effortless Combing & Detangling Experience

✔️ Promotes Hair Growth while Minimising Hair Breakage

✔️ Massages the Scalp without Scratching & Pulling

✔️ Enhances Blood Circulation to the Scalp

✔️ Reduces Ripping & Split Ends

✔️ Removes Dust & Grease on the Hair Effectively

✔️ Non-Slip Design for Better Grip & Control

✔️ Portable & Easy to Use

✔️ Perfect for All Hair TypesSpecifications:

Our Electric Calming Untangling Comb is made with high-quality materials that are gentle on the hair, which promotes healthy hair growth. It has a lightweight and portable design, allowing you to use it anywhere. The comb has an ergonomic design and is powered by two AA batteries. You can use it without hassle, anytime and anywhere.

Package List:

1 x Electric Calming Untangling Comb

30-Days Money Back Guarantee:

We proudly offer a 30-day money-back assurance to all of our customers. If you come across any quality concerns within this 30-day period, we promise to address them with utmost sincerity. You can rely on our commitment to provide a full 100% refund when eligible as per the terms and conditions.

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