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Reversible Cuddle Swing Pro

Reversible Cuddle Swing Pro

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Do you want your kids to have as much fun at home as they would at a park?

Do you want your child to feel secure while trying to prevent meltdowns and tantrums?

Are you hoping to encourage child development without feeling like a bad parent?

Give your loved ones a favour and grab our Reversible Cuddle Swing, which is designed to suit your child's needs. The swing's compression helps your child to feel secure-similar to getting a hug.

Our swing is perfect for improving sensory processing while preventing meltdowns and tantrums at the same time. It encourages child development just like in the Occupational Therapy Clinics but in the comfort of your home.

How Does it Work:

Swinging enables a child to neutralise the disruptions that are caused by their vestibular system. The smooth, back-and-forth motion can be soothing to a child, which is why they are frequently used in the classroom or in therapeutic settings. Our Reversible Cuddle Swings are a powerful tool to support and encourage any child's development. They are significantly more powerful for children that have sensory needs, SPD, ADHD, or Autism since they directly work to improve sensory processing. As a result, they can help to calm meltdowns and tantrums.

Key Benefits: 

✔️ Perfect for Kids with Sensory Needs

✔️ Helps to Prevent Meltdowns & Tantrums

✔️ Boosts Mood & Self-Esteem

✔️ 5 Minutes of Swinging Provides a Calming Effect for Up to 4 Hours

✔️ Provides a Calming & Gentle Hug-Like Effect

✔️ Supports & Encourages Child Development

✔️ Improves Balance & Coordination

✔️ Helps to Increase Focus & Concentration

✔️ Recommended & Used by Occupational TherapistsSpecifications

Our Reversible Cuddle Swing is made from high-quality nylon fabric and spandex, which is best for flexibility and stability. It can hold up to 200 lbs. or 90 kg. in weight so you don’t have to worry about your child.

Package List

1 x Reversible Cuddle Swing
1 x Ceiling Mount Bracket
1 x Carabiner
1 x Daisy Chain
1 x O-Rope & Screws

30-Days Money Back Guarantee:

We proudly offer a 30-day money-back assurance to all of our customers. If you come across any quality concerns within this 30-day period, we promise to address them with utmost sincerity. You can rely on our commitment to provide a full 100% refund when eligible as per the terms and conditions.

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